About Us

Speaker Industries:

An  activity, inherited from father by the son, began in the early 2000s. At that time we were busy with speaker repair, amplifier repair, amplification.


Our main activity has changed, the development and production of speaker components have become our new goal. The use of carbon fiber materials is one of the most successful and innovative technologies of our industry today. This composite technology is used by us in the production of speaker components, be it single-layer or  Sandwich structured carbon fiber. Thanks to the carbon fiber, we also achieve a weight loss, while maintaining stiffness. In addition to mechanical properties, durability and design are important to us as well.


Manufacturing of cones:

Sandwich-structured speaker cones.

  • The essence of the sandwich-structured speaker cones is the high degree of rigidity. This is achieved by laminating special sponge between two layers of fabric. Thanks to the sponge the attenuation of the cone also changes.


Preparing of coils:

Coils have been made for the speakers, that we have repaired, for a long period of time we managed to find the materials, using of which we could produce high-performance coils, without the coil breaking off the bobbin.

Now we can already roll by using circular aluminum, copper cast aluminum CCA, and copper. In every case we make our coils partly by machine, partly by hands and provide them heat-treatment at high temperatures.


We remodel and refurbish

In addition to manufacturing we place great emphasis on repair and refurbishment.

We can repair almost any speaker or, using our own parts, we can remodel them, to meet the requirements of the age.

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